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Practical Advice and Hands-on Support for Privately Held Companies


Have you ever wished that you could:

  • Improve cash flow?
  • Retire, or sell your business for maximum value?
  • Increase profits?
  • Recruit, hire, and retain the right employees?
  • Improve operating efficiency?
  • Increase market penetration and grow sales?
  • Decrease debt?
  • Get the funding you need?
  • Find more time to do the things you want to do?
  • Take a vacation without worrying about how the business is doing?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Many small and midsize business owners lack the skills, experience, or time to effectively lead their companies to the highest level of success.

    These owners recognize that they need help in addressing the challenges they face, but do not know where to go for assistance or whom to ask.

    I can work with you to address your business needs by providing practical advice borne out of years of experience and training, coupled with hands-on help. I will give you the tools and knowledge that will enable you to better run and manage your business. I will help you to focus on those activities that are most important to you and your business.

    As a business advisor accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), I can also provide the expertise of over 5000 other accredited IIB associates to ensure that you always have the expert assistance and sound advice that you really need. This is like having the resources as might be available to the CEO of a large corporation!

    I am always on call to assist with the difficult questions you may have. I will work with you to solve thorny business problems. I will assist you in countless ways to help you get your business producing the results you want.

    Why not call me today at 440-871-0976 to chat about the issues you are facing?

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    We provide business advice, consulting, hands-on help, and strategic planning services to owners of small and midsze companies throughout Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. We concentrate primarily on the Greater Cleveland area, including Cuyahoga county and Lorain county. We work with businesses in all stages from pre start-up through succession, and work with sl businesses in any industry including technology, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and food service, hospitality, construction, contractors,landscapers, builders, wholesalers, electronics, software, developers, and service companies. We are small business management consultants specializing in small business management skills. We are family business advisors working with small family companies, support for small businesses, we are a small business support center, effective small business management, small business matters, small business challenges,practical advice for business, practical advice for business, starting a small business, small business plan,small business consulting,

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"How can my business survive in this economy?"

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We are business problem solvers. Working with us, dozens of business owners have reduced stress, increased sales, and improved cash flow. Who do you talk with when you have a problem employee, or quality issue? Who do you turn to when know you are spending too many hours at work, or are frustrated with how your business is performing? Who can give you sound and objective advice when you are thinking of expanding, or you just lost your best customer? Who is helping you prepare your business for maximum value if you are thinking of retiring?

Limkemann Business Advisors offers practical advice in all areas of business. We combine advice with hands-on help. With access to over 5000 experts we are able to solve even the most difficult and technical problems in your business. When you want to talk, we are there to listen and help you sort through your concern until a meaningful answer is found. When you need a helping hand we are ready to work with you.

We offer a free initial meeting to explore the future plans, concerns, and problems you are facing. In the meeting we will often make several suggestions on what you can do to resolve your pressing issues. You then decide to either proceed on your own, or to engage us to assist with the solutions. Working together we will devise and implement solutions to your problems. We work with you for as long as you need us.

"Will is certainly an asset to any entrepreneur or company looking to take their business to the next level and beyond." M.M. Owner Spectralight Photography

"His calm presence, imaginative expertise and kindly common sense have helped us meet and overcome every challenge. Will has long ago proved that he and his experience offer rock-solid support on which my company can always rely. I can't imagine a more effective or more reassuring advisor." C.J. CEO

"I personally look up to Will for his ability to think clearly and demonstrate leadership in difficult business situations. M.B. LogiSync

We help you, the small business owner, answer this question and solve challenges you are facing. Challenges like:

"I need better cash flow, but my credit line is tapped out"
"I need more sales, but customers are just not buying"
"I seem to be spending all my time putting out fires"
"I can't get the productivity I need from my employees"

To learn more about the many ways we can help you and your business, click here, or call me, Will Limkemann, at 440-871-0976.

Will Limkemann
Business Problem Solve

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