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Why use the boring black music stands when you can enjoy gorgeous wood ones—with the same adjustability as the black ones? These handsome high quality hardwood music stands make exceptional additions to homes, studios, churches, or anywhere a solid and attractive stand may be needed. The stands make wonderful presents for musicians, or, as gifts to the church, are an amazing way to honor church musicians.

These hand-made sturdy and easy-to-adjust music stands are constructed from solid hardwood. Unlike other wooden music stands, the Wolcraft wood music stands are both sturdy (they don’t loosen and wobble) and are infinitely adjustable.

Wolcraft is a brand of the Siqua Group Limited.

Wood music stand


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Wood music stand with Manhasset core
Embedded in the center of the hardwood support is a genuine Manhasset™ metal post. The Manhasset mechanism enables infinite adjustment of height by simply moving the music desk up or down. Wolcraft has devised a proprietary friction mechanism that lets you swivel the music desk from horizontal to vertical. The height and swivel adjustment will stay where they are until you deliberately change them. The height (measured from the music desk ledge) can be adjusted from approximately 31” to 50”.
Adjustable music stand
Hardwood handmade music stands
To keep the stand solid on any floor surface, we use three legs, which are securely attached to the post using dove-tail joints. The post itself is reinforced by the Manhasset mechanism which is bolted to the base of the stand.
Sturdy music stand base

Each stand is hand-made to order. Allow six weeks for delivery. Price is $495 plus $34 for delivery within the continental United States.

For more information call Will at 440-871-0976.

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