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Ektralamp piano lights illuminate your music like no other lamps. These unique lights contain over two dozen miniature LED light sources to provide even illumination over the width of your music and bright lighting from top to bottom. The focused light shines just on the music - not in your eyes.

This page is all about lamps for spinet pianos. Lights for your grand piano are also available.

The LED (light emitting diode) lighting is environmentally friendly as very little power is used. LEDs radiate almost no heat, and will provide years of service as they have a life of well over 50,000 hours! You won't ever have to worry over changing a burned out lightbulb.

The light tube, which swivels so you can align illumination perfectly with your music, is 21" long and just 7/8" in diameter. The lamp stands 10" high on a base that is 13" long by 5" deep. The lamp comes with a power pack which plugs into a standard outlet.

The beautiful piano light, made in the USA, is priced at $275.00 plus shipping.

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