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Wolcraft is a division of the Siqua Group Limited

PO Box 40344
Cleveland OH 44140


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Picture lighting

Organ light

Piano light

Grand piano light

Music stand light


Wolcraft is a brand of the Siqua Group Limited.

Makers of:

Ektralamp LED lighting for organs, music stands, pianos, and artwork- See music more clearly!

Ektralamp artwork LED lighting - see the depth of your paintings

Wolcraft fully adjustable wood music stands

Wolcraft name tag racks

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Last updated 1/4/2012

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Ektralamp music lights are designed to meet the unique needs of musicians. The wide low profile lamps, using LED technology, clearly illuminate the entire score or sheet music. The patent-pending glare-free design throws light where you need it and eliminates glare in your eyes or the eyes of your choir, audience, or congregation. Lamps come in a variety of designs and sizes to meet every musical need. Select from organ lamps, grand piano lamps, spinet piano lights, and music stand lights.

Ektralamp instrument lighting
Ektralamp picture frame light

Enjoy your artwork to the fullest with Ektralamp picture frame/art lights. See the detail you have been missing with white bright and even lighting provided by cool-running tiny LED light sources.