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LED lighting for spinet pianos

spinet piano light spinet piano lamp
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"I received my lamp yesterday. It fits my piano and looks amazing. I had some concerns that the LED's wouldn't be bright enough, but I was pleasantly surprised when I turned it on for the first time. I love how the light covers 3 to 4 full pages of music and isn't blaring in my eyes like some of the piano lights I've had in the past." - SM

Ektralamp spinet piano lamps illuminate your music like no other piano lights. These unique lights contain over two dozen miniature LED light sources to provide even illumination over the width of your music and bright lighting from top to bottom. The focused light shines just on the music - not in your eyes. The elegant lamp rests on a base on top of the piano lid behind the music rack.

The LED lighting is environmentally friendly as very little power is consumed and almost no heat is radiated., You won't ever need to be concerned about changing a light bulb as the LEDs should provide up to 50,000 hours of use!

The light tube, which rotates so you can align the illumination perfectly with your music, is 21" long and just 7/8" in diameter. The lamp can be made from 3" to 11" high on a base that is 15" long by 5" deep. The lamp is equipped with an AC power adapter which plugs into a standard outlet. Note that we also provide lamps for grand pianos and upright pianos.

The beautiful piano light, made in the USA, is priced at $275.00 plus shipping.

Each lamp is handmade, for optimum quality, in our Cleveland, Ohio, shop. As every product is custom-made-to-order, we can easily accomodate special needs and requests - often at no additional cost.

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