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Gallery of Lamps

"Received the lamp today and it is sleek and lovely. Thank you for accommodating my delivery request and having such a well designed product!" - Cynthia B.

Here is a gallery of photographs showing our lamps in various settings. If you would like to include a picture of your lamp please e-mail it to:

Click on any picture to enlarge it.

Organ lamps

brass organ lamp

Brass organ music lamp

Lamp on 3 manual Rogers

Rogers with brass lamp

Detroit organ

St. Johns Detroit

Australia orgn

Australia organ

Lamp on Schantz organ

4 Manual Schantz

Short organ lamp

Short lamp for large organ

Lamp on Ruggles

Ruggles organ

Lamp on Kegg organ

Kegg organ

lamp on 3 manual organ

3 Manual Schantz

custom lamp with mirror

lamp with mirror

theater organ lamp

Theater organ

Randall Dyer organ lamp

Randall Dyer organ

Piano lamps

Black lamp on grand piano

Black grand piano lamp

Cherry piano with bronze lamp

Bronze grand piano lamp

Spinet piano lamp

Spinet piano lamp

Upright piano lamp

Upright piano lamp

Art lamps

Brass art lamp

Brass art lamp

Aluminum art lamp

Aluminum art lamp

Nickel plated art lamp

Custom nickel lamp

small art light with one mounting leg

11 inch bronze art lamp

Lectern lamps

10 inch brass lectern lamp

Pulpit lamp

20 inch brass lectern lamp

20 inch lectern lamp

Custom black lectern lamp

Black lectern lamp

hostess station lamp

hostess station lamp