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About Ektralamp

Who we are

Ektralamp LLC is a small craft firm dedicated to designing and making high quality LED-powered specialty lamps. Every lamp we sell is made-to-order, allowing us often to meet special needs and requirements. Therefore we do not stock any lamp inventory, but we try hard to fill orders within two weeks. While using high quality materials and craftmanship we attempt to keep prices as low as possible by selling only direct to our customers. So you will not find our products on Amazon or other at other retailers that often require discounts of up to 50% of list selling prices.

Our lamps are all made in the United States and, to the extent possible, we use made-in-the-USA parts. However, many electronic components such as LEDs are only available from Chinese or other foreign manufacturers.

How we
got started

For many years my wife was organist and music minister at a Presbyterian church in Lakewood Ohio. The church has a fabulous three manual 1963 Holtkamp organ but, like with so many organ consoles, music was not well lit. During the week she would practice using a large adjustable flourescent desk lamp. However, due to the placement of the console she could not use the lamp for services as the glare was blinding to the choir and portions of the congregation. So for services she relied upon a typical undermounted lamp which did not light all of the music, and shadowed when a thick hymnal was on the music rack.

After years of listening to her complaints, I arrived at an idea for the perfect organ music lamp - one which would brightly illuminate the music but had no glare or spillage and would be virtually un-noticed. In the summer of 2008 I installed the prototype Ektralamp organ music lamp - and she loved it! Shortly thereafter I installed opus 2 on her home practice organ.

Now that she had wonderful light at the organ console she asked for equivalent lighting on the sanctuary grand piano - so was born the Ektralamp grand piano lamp. Other musicians were jealous of the perfect lighting so we adapted the piano light to music stands. Upon using one for the first time our violinist friend said we should call it the "no more mistakes lamp".

Thus was the start of Ektralamp! We now provide both standard and custom-built lamps, and have extended our product line to include not only music lighting products but lighting for art work and lecterns. Each light is hand-made to order in our Cleveland Ohio workshop. We are proud to have customers throughought not only the United States and Canada, but worldwide.

Will Limkeman
President and Chief Illuminator


Will is an inventor, artisan, and businessman. His previous business interests have included software development, and small business consulting.

A co-inventor of one patent, Will has designed numerous mechanical and electronic devices. He is an avid craftsman who built the two manual practice organ his wife uses at home, is a gourmet cook, a photographer, amature radio operator, and a proud grandfather.