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Music Lamps for Grand Pianos

Grand Piano Light Black Grand Piano Lamp
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The elegant Ektralamp grand piano lamp evenly lights your music so you can clearly see every note. An array of LEDs are recessed in the narrow light tube assuring no bright or dark spots and eliminating glare. You can pivot the light tube to ensure that light is shining where you want - on your music.

The lamps can be operated from the included AC power adapter or optionally from four AA batteries (21" lamp only). The LEDs have a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours so you will never have to change bulbs or be worried that the light might burn out in the middle of a performance.

Using a scratch-free felt lining, the lamp gently slides onto your music rack. It fits most music racks that have a slight curve or are flat on top. Note that the lamp may not fit securely on highly decorated music racks that have uneven tops. Two adjusting knobs are used to fit the lamp snugly onto your music rack. The lamps are ideal for use on most Steinway, Yamaha, Bosendorfer and other fine pianos. You can also use the lamp on flat-topped music stands.

The grand piano lamp is available in a 21" width, or a 30" width. The handsome lamps are available in a matte black painted finish, an anodized bronze painted finish, or natural matte aluminum.

The Ektralamp grand piano lamp was designed by musicians for musicians and are hand-made in the United States in our Cleveland Ohio craft workshop. As every lamp is custom-made-to-order, we can easily accomodate special needs and requests - often at no additional cost. Do allow about two weeks for us to make your lamp.

The price is $199.95 for the 21" lamp and $249.95 for the 30" lamp.

Black Grand Piano Lamp

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  • Lamp width: 21" or 30"
  • Lamp height: 6"
  • Base width 11" (15" for 30" lamp)
  • Fits music racks up to 3/4" thick
  • Weight approximately: 1 pound
  • Light tube rotates to focus light
  • Light source: 30 LEDs in 21" model or 45 LEDs in 30" model
  • Voltage: 6VDC
  • Power source 21" model: AC power adapter or 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Power source 30" model: AC power adapter
  • Power adapter input: 110-240VAC